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Kusursuz fiziği ile dikkatleri üzerine toplayan güzel model Julia Gilas aynı zamanda Instagram’da takipçi kazanmak isteyen güzel kızlara da yardımcı oluyor…

Birbirinden seksi fotoğraflar ve videolar paylaşan Julia Gilas anlıyacağınız gibi vücudunu sergilemeyi çok seviyor!

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People often ask me how I got started working out.. It wasn't a moment or a bolt of lightning from the sky that got me started. I started going to the gym and when I'd go I always felt better. I started to learn how to workout. I did alot of reading and thinking about exercise. Drinking, eating junk and staying out late didn't make me better it made me worse and I felt horrible. Working out made me feel really good. I also started to build confidence and knowledge. That was really empowering. As I started to get into shape, people would come up to me and ask me questions about what I did. That made me want to continue, and the more I helped others, the more it helped me. People would ask about what exercises I did, what I ate everyday and tons of fitness questions. I found out from talking to people, food controls them, binges, addictions, and they felt out of control. I remember a women said to me, I wake up on a diet, and every night I fail. It was so sad, I gave her advice and she got much better. I wasn't out of control, but I wasn't in control. Food had the advantage, but it when I finally made the decision to change, when I finally said, that's it, I took control over what I ate, and my workouts, and my life really started to change. I didn't say it with anger, I did it with energy. There's a huge difference. I know people who get angry, starve themselves, eat only salad, but that anger only lasts a little while then pretty soon, the voice comes in and says, "What are we doing","this is the only enjoyment I get", "who cares", "I'll start tomorrow", "it's only one piece", this sort of thing…Mine came from a deep part of me, an energy that made the decision to change. 📸by @harrylhgfx

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